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BDN mounted disk harrow (1.6/1.8 M)

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technical characteristics

This series of mounted disk harrows has been designet to perform operations as follows.

  • Plougt top soik;
  • Level the area;
  • Carry out weeding;
  • Plant seeds and fertillizers;
  • Work out meadow and decorative;
  • Soil Bedding-up in wood and decorative vegetation farms;
  • Treat inter-row spacing in intensive  industrial gardens;
  • Operative Parts - O.F.A.S. - manufactered concave disks (Italy),Rom 1 - toothed, Rom 2 - roand-shaped;
  • Bearings-Lignotol special synthetic bearing joint with better wear resistance.
  • The above advantages double its operational life (up to 3-5 years). 

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