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Mounted potato planter L-201

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Designed to plant potato tubers in a row across a small-sized area. Simple and easy to maintain and adjust. The potato planter includes the following implements: frames, drive wheels, planting units, coulters, coverers, feeding box, and planting density gearbox.

technical characteristics

Type Mounted,Automated
Drive Planter Tractoin-Driven
Number of Rows,pcs 2
Spacing Width,cm 62,5; 70; 75
Loading Method Manual
Bin Capacity,kg 1000
Agronomical Speed,max,kph 250
Агротехническая скорость до, км/ч 10
Yield per one hour of runing time,hectares 0,57-1,14
Specing Width,mm 180; 205; 225; 255;
265; 300; 325; 375
Modular Trailing with Tractors,Drawbar Category 0,6
Dimensions,mm 1650х1500х1500
Weight,kg 380


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